Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy at Home!

I have definitely enjoyed my past couple days of being home and working on getting ready for Dillon to arrive!! I'm definitely excited and just a little nervous about my new role in our family. I know I need to be careful and not do too much in a day, but I want to make sure that I'm not abusing the privilege. I know that Drew is making some big sacrifices with how much he's working between his job and school and I know that I need to take my new job at home seriously! Titus 2 talks about women learning to be busy at home and I want to be faithful to being busy. So I've been praying about how to best be my husband's helper!

So these are the ideas that I've come up with so far! Hopefully posting this will keep me accountable!

1. One of my biggest goals is to cook more and use fewer processed foods.

We started learning more about all of the options available locally around last Christmas. We love being able to support our local economy and small farms around Louisville. Many farms in the area raise their crops without pesticides and their animals without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. It's food I can really feel good about feeding to my family! It is definitley healthier to cook from scratch rather that buying so many processed foods and I am gradually learning to cook from real ingredients! Not only for our health, but buying ingredients rather than processed foods saves us a lot on our grocery bill.

2. I want my home to be welcoming!

This is a tough one for me!! I am not very good at housekeeping, but I don't want to be embarassed if someone drops by. I'm not saying my home will be perfect, but I want to be more faithful to keep our home in a reasonable state.

3. I am learning how to sew!

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I haven't had a purpose. I haven't wanted to make things without a purpose. Now I definitely have a purpose! There are a couple more things around the house, like simple laundry bags and maybe some curtains, and definitely some things for baby!

I know that life in the Dickerson home is about to change quite a bit and I want to have reasonable expectations for myself as a mom. Hopefully I'll be able to manage these three things and see how I can grow from there! I plan to update and let you know how I am doing in these areas. So if I don't, make sure to ask! I want to be faithful to my Lord and my husband and learn to be busy at home!