Friday, September 24, 2010

Is it Christmas yet?

So our due date has passed us by and we're ready to keep waiting. Drew says it's like waking up on Christmas morning and your mom saying, "No, Christmas is tomorrow." Then you wake up tomorrow and she says the same thing. I have never seen this man so excited about anything! I love it!!
But we also know that on average first babies are about a week "late" so we're not trying to speed things along just yet. God decided when we would he would let us conceive and He can best decide when Dillon will will be born! Our Dr. said that if he's not born by my appointment next week that we would need to start talking about how we can encourage labor to start, but we would much rather everything start all on its own.
So, yes, we're still waiting and may be waiting for several more days. We so appreciate your prayers! Especially on days when I don't feel good and I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore. We're so thankful to have so many friends to encourage and pray for us!

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